Beach Hacks for Parents and Families
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Top 10 Beach Hacks for Kids & Parents Trending on TikTok Right Now

Like most parents, we love a good life hack. It’s impossible to watch TikTok without having a slap-a-palm-against-your-forehead, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment at least once a day. Thanks to social media apps, parents all over the world are sharing the little things they do to make life easier – which definitely makes parenting a little easier.

With this heat not letting up anytime soon, families are likely to be hitting the beach to keep cool while soaking up sun. We took to TikTok to find the best beach hacks for your family’s next beach day, and we found some good stuff! From tips for keeping the sand away to keeping toddlers entertained all day, we’ve got ten helpful hacks for having the best beach day ever with your family.

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Just a quick side note first! Be extremely careful about the hacks you choose to try on your family. Sometimes, a so-called hack goes viral that is not safe for kids. TikTok creator and pediatrician mom @niky.mamamd explains how and why certain viral hacks can also be dangerous, so we suggest you give her a follow. Be sure to read through the comments on any hack video to see what other parents are saying, and do your own research before trying anything potentially harmful. Be mindful of who you trust; and in the case of the viral swimming pool “hack” where parents leave their kids unattended in a pool, please just don’t do it. 

Now, let’s get into some safe and helpful hacks perfect for any family that you’ll be using at the beach all summer!

Kiddie Pools Aren’t Just for the Backyard!

Unless you arrive super early, you aren’t likely to get one of those precious few spots right on the shoreline where your kids can splash around while you stay close by. In this TikTok hack, Krystal Mayo shares the perfect way to keep a toddler cool in the summer heat while keeping them close, and, as she puts it, “contained and entertained for hours.” All you have to do is bring a kiddie pool, fill it up with air, and use the toys you probably already have handy to start filling the pool with beach water for your toddler. This will give them a little personal beach area to stay cool, enjoy the sand, stay close to the family, and play all day long. | See the video

DIY beach kiddie pool

No kiddie pool for the beach? No problem! Maggie at @314handcrafted offers up an easy and inexpensive way to create your own kiddie pool at the beach for your little ones. All you need is a shower curtain! You pick your spot, grab the family, and start digging a hole; once the hole is deep enough, use your shower curtain as a liner, place it in the hole, and start filling it up with water. In no time, you’ll have your very own kiddie pool for no more than $5. | See the video

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Keep the Sand Away

This viral beach hack is one many moms are trying this year, and we understand why. We’d do anything to avoid bringing the entire beach home with us. All you need to create a sand-free zone at the beach this summer is a fitted bed sheet, beach bags or coolers, and a bucket to fill with water. Lauren, a TikTok mom and content creator, shares her hack using a product, but she explains that you can do this hack with things you already own. All you need to do is lay out your fitted sheet, place bags or coolers on each corner, and fill up a bucket with water straight from the ocean that you’ll use to clean off your feet before entering your sand-free zone. Is sand inevitable? Of course, but a sand-free zone will make your time at the beach a little more comfortable for the entire family. | See the video

Baby Powder

Baby powder is another way to prevent bringing sand home with you and your kids. Sprinkle baby powder where there’s sand, and it comes right off. Another great hack that helps avoid a mess is putting baby powder into a sock and rubbing it on your skin to get all of the sand right off. | See the video.


Must-Try Beach Activities

If you’re a mom looking for a beach hack for passing with kids on the beach, there are plenty of inexpensive and creative beach activities that everyone will love.

Fidget Crafty on TikTok shares how to make stress balls and a sand mermaid, and we think all our little ones will enjoy these activities. All you need to do for the stress balls is fill an empty water bottle with sand and water. You’ll use your water bottle as a funnel and start pouring everything into balloons; for an extra cool look, use clear balloons. Another great activity in the video is making a sand mermaid. Explore your surroundings with your kids, pick up shells and anything you think would be perfect for your mermaid, and bring your very own mermaid to life. | See the video


This one’s great for kids who love to paint. Bring some nontoxic watercolor paints to the beach and make your own works of art right by the water. Megan of @kindnesskindergarten, shares a great way to keep littles busy on the beach. Start by collecting some shells on the beach and then paint away. This hack is fun, easy, and inexpensive, and kids can bring their own personalized beach day souvenirs home. | See the video


We all know how much kids love bubbles and want to see them anywhere they go, so we’re all likely packing some bubble wands for fun playtime on the sand. But I’m sure we’ve all experienced a toddler grabbing a bubble wand and causing pretty much the entire container to spill out or just being tired from holding a bubble wand for hours. Well, this easy hack is the best way to keep your toddlers enjoying bubbles by your side without you having to hold them all day. All you have to do is dig a hole in the sand and slide the bubble wand in place, and now you’ve got a secure place for bubble time that will prevent spillage and keep your toddlers happy. | See the video 


The Best Time to Go

Chrissy Horton, a mom content creator, has convinced us that we’re doing beach days all wrong; in fact, we should be doing beach evenings. The wins for going to the beach in the evening are unmatched: hassle-free parking, no snacks or food, no need for umbrellas or tents, and no need for sunscreen (we’d still recommend bringing sunscreen), but overall seems like the best way to have fun at the beach. She explains that going in the evening means fewer crowds and so parking is a breeze; you’ve most likely already had dinner, so there is no need for food, and making a habit of going in the evening means families don’t have to wait for the weekend to experience the cool ocean breeze because you go after work and best of all kids get out a ton of energy right before bed. We may just have to try this one out this summer. | See the video


The Best Beach Organization Hack

Last but certainly not least is staying organized at the beach with a hanging toiletry bag. We loved this hack shared by Lauren, which is perfect for keeping all of your beach essentials in one place. She explains that packing everything in hanging toiletry bags is great for the essentials that you’ll need in a hurry and, best of all, keeps things sand-free like diapers, swim diapers, and wipes. | See the video


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